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Refining and Brightening Foundation

Refining and Brightening Foundation

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1, cleansing: clean the face makeup to a clean and refreshing state, it is recommended to first apply a moisturizing mask,

2: hot compress: hot for 5-10 minutes, the goal is to open the hair follicle of the skin

3: disinfection: disinfect the face with alcohol or iodophor, avoid the eyes, then wipe the face with physiological saline.

4: then put the appropriate quantity of the foundation in the operation part, according to the skin condition of the client, the electric nanocoin is regularly adjusted to 0.5-1.0 to work, and the operation in the opposite direction clockwise is performed evenly from the forehead. The general operating time is 15-20 minutes. Yes, change the other side of the face, the same as above

5: after the operation, the face may appear reddish, which varies from person to person. This is a normal phenomenon after the microneedle. You can use the calm repair gel to apply the whole face or the aseptic repair mask for cold compress.

6: do not touch the water within 6 to 8 hours after finishing the foundation. For the first 3 days, avoid spicy stimulation and seafood food. Be careful not to do heavy makeup for the first 3 days.

7: the operating time is approximately 10 days apart. The interview time varies from person to person. Generally it lasts about 15 days. Each time the skin is made, the skin will be illuminated to different degrees. The more you do it, the longer the hold time.



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