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Machine Washable Cotton Air-conditioning Quilt

Machine Washable Cotton Air-conditioning Quilt

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Subcomponent of fabric: cotton
Weaving process: Twill
Flower Type: Red Face-Hot Style, Moshang Flower-Purple, Rainbow Clouds, Happy Bear, Lucky Cat, Matcha Spinach, Polar Bear, Happy Hour, Children's Dream Garden, Houndstooth, Clover, Coconut Wind Sea Rhyme, British style, colorful flowers, wild flowers, flowers blooming on the street-gray, maple syrup, Paris freehand, summer lemon, biscuit bear, spring breeze picture language
Size specifications: [150X200cm] single quilt-quality inspection, [180X220cm] double quilt-quality inspection, [200X230cm] double quilt-quality inspection

Packing list:

Cotton air-conditioning quilt*1

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