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28-Color Gemini Set Nail Polish Free Baking Quick-Drying Nail Polish

28-Color Gemini Set Nail Polish Free Baking Quick-Drying Nail Polish

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Product Information:
Brand Type: Domestic brand
Brand: OYAFUN/ Ou Yafei
Net content: 8 (g/ml)
Color: D01 guardian knight (armor series), D02 white lover, D03 fugitive princess, D04 glazed diary, D05 midsummer night's dream (shipped 3.10), D06 cheese grape, D07 mojito, D08 love cycle (frosted) , D09 Aurora, D10 Fairy's Gift, D11 Milk Flavored Egg Yolk, D12 Lilac Manor, D13 Black and White Milk, D14 Wild Loli, D15 Fairy Winery, D16 Girls' Mind, D17 Fairy Valley, D18 Cafe, D19 Loveing (Aurora) , D20 Fairy Tale (Aurora), D21 Taro Mud Bobo Purple, D22 Diminished Lights, D23 Blue Dreamland (Aurora), D24 Ten Mile Peach Blossom, D25 Yellow Enchantress, D26 Dream Sky, D27 Dream Peach Blossom, D28 Golden Childhood, D29 Sweetheart Butterfly, D30 is gentle like water, D31 stars shine, D32-2021 is brilliant, D34 fantasies, D35 blue feather ice crystal (frosted), D36 9 cm of fog, D37 dry rose, D38 bear ice latte, D39 girl’s dream catcher, D40 ice muscle milk white, D41 crape myrtle stars
Model: Maxfine- Twins
Specifications: normal specifications, active
Color classification: two-color
Specification classification: normal specification
Capacity: 2 bottles of 4ml each

Nail polish X1

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