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Infant Correction Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

Infant Correction Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

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1. Neck guard
The newborn baby’s cervical spine is straight or slightly protruding backwards, usually lying down and sleeping, with the back and the back of the head at the same level, so that the northern muscles will be in a relaxed natural state, so the baby’s neck cannot be compressed.
2. Stereotype
Right after birth, the bones of the skull are very soft. Upper back of the brain fontanelle (the back of the baby’s head, occipital bone and two
The suture junction between the large bones) has not been closed, and the daily sleep time is 14-16 hours
Easily cause head deformity (biased head, flat head)
3. No filling on the neck
Avoid the straight, soft cervical spine of the newborn baby.
Baby sleeps more comfortably.
4. Scientific arc design
With the soft pressure-relieving memory foam of fast city and slow guest, it will take care of the baby's head carefully.


Inner pillowcase: cotton knitted inner sleeve
Material: pressure-relief memory cotton (not washable)
Outer pillowcase "Velvet
Specifications: length 26cm* width 20.5cm* height 2.5cm
Product use: head shaping, neck protection, anti-deviation head
Product process: molding once

Use age: 0-3 months newborn

Package Content:

1*Memory Foam Pillow

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