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French Lace Pleated Bed Skirt Set Of Four

French Lace Pleated Bed Skirt Set Of Four

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Bedding Size

Product Details:
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: twill
Pattern: flowers and plants
Style: bed skirt

1.2 bed three-piece set [quilt cover 150*200]
1.5 bed four-piece set [quilt cover 150*200]
1.8 bed four-piece set [quilt cover 200*230]
2.0 four-piece bed set [quilt cover 200*230]
1.5 bed skirt four-piece set [200*230]
1.8 bed skirt four-piece set [200*230]

Packing list
1.2m quilt cover*1 sheet*1 pillowcase*1
1.5m Quilt Cover*1 Sheet*1 Pillowcase*2
1.8m Quilt Cover*1 Sheet*1 Pillowcase*2
2.0m Quilt Cover*1 Sheet*1 Pillowcase*2

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