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Electric Pen Plug-In Nail Polisher

Electric Pen Plug-In Nail Polisher

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Product information: 

Product weight: 220g/set (power supply type)

Color box size: length 21cm, width 10cm, height 5.5cm

Product accessories description:
1. The main machine of the sander has the function of rotating in fast and slow gears, as long as you put on the accessories, you can use it at will;
2. Metal grinding head, rough grinding repair type (also has the function of removing dead skin);
3. Sand wheel grinding head, finely grinding the nail skin;
4. Sand wheel polishing head, trim the nail edge;
5. Contains 6 emery cloth grinding heads (3 coarse sand, 3 fine sand);
Instructions for use:
Connect the transformer to the grinder, and then plug in the power supply (the small transformer has a plug directly connected to the power supply)
Choose the grinding head you need, put on the host, push the switch (there are speed gears for selection),
Then slowly bring the rotating polishing head closer to your fingernails or toenails, so that you can polish the shape you want.

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